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You Don’t Kiss Like That?

So we all have heard the interview where Ed read part of TWENTY TWO, and we all know how he commented on how he’s never kissed like that.

Well Ed, here’s my attempt at a redemption of your technique. If you’re ever on another radio show,I hope they show you this to make up for it.



You Don’t Kiss Like That?: AN ED SHEERAN ONE SHOT

            This bar feels incredibly too hot as my fingers slip along the side of wine glass in my left hand. I can feel the alcohol rush through my veins and the blood rush to my cheeks with every passing moment. I put the rim to my lips and tilt my head back, downing the last of the crimson liquid at the bottom of the glass before setting it down on the bar. The room shifts to the right causing me to grab onto the stool in front of me to keep me upright. I squeeze my eyes shut for a few seconds until my brain realigns itself with sobriety before opening them up.

            “Bartender” the words float off my tongue as I flag down the bartender, pointing to my glass.

            My eyes divert from the bar to Ed walking towards me, a sour look on his face. His eyes narrow at me, his lips pulled tight, his hands in fists by his side. His eyes dart from me to the now full glass of wine next to me.

            “How many free drinks are you going to accept tonight?” he spits his words at me through his teeth.

            “As many as they are willing to buy” I reply.

I roll my eyes at him, shaking my head as my left hand reaches for the glass. He wraps his fingers around the skin of my wrist, hard enough to bruise my pale skin.  His eyes widen when a wince escapes from my mouth, and I glare at him, ripping my arm out of his grasp.

            I can see the apology in his eyes, and he rubs his hand over his face, sighing loudly.

            “I’m sorry” he holds his hand out and traces his fingers down my arm gently, and I grab the glass of wine off of the bar, turning away from him.

            I’m not in the mood for his apology, or his selfish anger.  My eyes scan the room for the exit, and I leave my half drank glass of wine on an empty table as I briskly walk towards the doors. I know Ed’s my ride home, but at this point I need some air, and a minute away from him.

            The cold wind bites at my hot skin as I push the door open with my body weight and escape onto the sidewalk outside the bar. The silence of the night is deafening, and much appreciated. I reach in my pocket and pull out a lighter and a half empty pack of cigarettes, tapping them against my palm, and rolling one between my thumb and forefinger. I put the cigarette in my mouth, and hold my left hand up to shield the flame of the lighter from the wind.  The flame ignites with the flick of my finger, just in time for me to catch a glance of Ed, as pushes the door open. He strides towards me, and pulls the cigarette from between my lips and puts it to his, inhaling deeply.

            “No I wasn’t planning on smoking that” I reply sarcastically before snatching the cigarette from his mouth, “get your own fucking smokes”

            “What’s going on with you tonight?” he replies, “You’ve been avoiding me all night, and you’ve been taking drinks from other men.”

            “A girl gets lonely when her boyfriend is busy touring the world” I inhale deeply and tilt my head to the left to blow the smoke into the air, “it’s amazing what can occupy my time when I’m not with you.”

            “Is that supposed to piss me off?” he asks, folding his arms across his chest, “make me feel guilty?”

            “No” I pull the cigarette from my mouth and lick my lips, “why, does it?”

            “Piss me off to see you drinking wine bought by a douchebag?” he shakes his head, reply sarcastically, “nah.”

             “You’re the last person who should be telling me not to drink” I laugh at him, poking his belly. He chuckles and swats my hand away from him.

He takes a step towards me. He leans against the wall and props himself up on his elbow, looking at me. I’m afraid to meet his eyes with mine, so I keep them on the passing traffic. He inches closer to me, his lips resting just far enough away from my ear to send a shiver up my spine when he speaks, his hot breath tickling my skin,  “I’m serious.”

“Let’s go” I finish my cigarette and toss it to the ground, putting it out.  He has no time to object before I grab his hand and drag him around the building towards the back entrance.

            “Where are we going?” He asks, close on my heels as we make our way around the building. I turn to him when we reach the back of the building, and I push him backwards against the wall by his shoulders. He lets out an “oomph” as his back meets the brick wall and he raises his eyebrows at me with a surprised look on his face as I move towards him.

“You don’t kiss like that?” I run my lips along his jaw, to his ear, teeth nipping at his earlobe, “I heard what you said today on the radio.”

“No” his voice is barely audible as I move my lips lower and bite at the skin on his neck, “not like that”

“You sure?” I pull away from him, and bite the side of my thumb, watching his cheeks flush and his eyes darken. his lips are parted and his eyebrows furrow as he reaches out for me.

“Don’t leave me hanging” it’s almost a growl as it comes out of his mouth, as his hand grabs a hold of the side of my shirt and he pulls, causing me to stumble forward. He catches me by my hips, pleased that he’s got a hold on me.

“But you’re an ass man, aren’t you Ed?” I place a hand over his, pushing it lower until it drops to my ass. He instinctively digs his fingers into my flesh. I can hear him swallow, and he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. He exhales sharply, and his eyes move from mine to my lips, “gotcha.”

I push his hands away from me and take a step back. He exhales loudly, disappointed. His lip biting turns into a frown, and he pushes past me without a word, leaving me standing alone, and I turn on my heels to catch up to him as he starts to walk way. He moves through the parking lot, in between cars as we moves further and further away.

“Oh come on Ed” I argue as I call out after him, trying to match his pace.  I try to grab his arm and he pulls his arm out of my reach, scoffing at my attempts, “you’re pissed off?”

He stops walking so abruptly that I almost collide with his back. He turns to me, as though he’s going to say something, and instead uses his body weight to back me up into the nearest car. I’m sure the alarm is going to go off by the way he rolls his hips against mine with enough force to make me wish he did it more often. His hands move up from my waist, over my shoulders and neck to my face. With his left hand on my cheek and his right in my hair, he leans into me, his eyes connecting with mine until he’s only a few inches away. At first it’s just his lips on mine, moving slowly against mine. He retreats for a moment before his lips close around my bottom lip, before sinking his teeth gently into the flesh. It’s a good kind of pain, not hard enough to break skin, but enough to make an audible groan escape from my throat. he lets go, his lips brushing against mine again, gentle and lingering, until my mouth parts slightly beneath his kiss granting him access. He breathes out as I breathe in as his mouth claims mine. His fingers tangle in my hair, pulling me against him, and his lips pull away, before planting one last kiss at the corner of my mouth.

“That” he says smiling, quite pleased with himself, “is how I kiss. Not the way a 14 year old with a blog dedicated to me describes it”

“Do I look like a 14 year old with a blog?” I smirk at him, raising my eyebrows, “Come on, Ed. I got the ass part right”

“You wrote it?” he asks surprised, “should I be creeped out or turned on?”

“Both” I shrug, nodding towards the car, “now let’s go. I’ve got a redemption to write about your kissing techniques” 

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